About me:
My name is Monique Colla, I am a qualified Hypnotherapist , NLP Master (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and Neuro Semantic practioner.
My passion is to motivate and inspire people to bring out the best in themselves.
I have over 20 years’ experience in coaching clients individually and in groups/teams.

Reduce stress
Reduce anxiety
Cure phobia’s
Sleep problems
Improve confidence and self esteem
Emotional trauma

Workshops and courses:
Pregnancy course with hypnosis for a more relaxed and less painful birth.
Stress management
Personal development
Team coaching

For information about yoga classes and workshops in english please contact Monique : info@collacoaching.nl

Depending on what kind of health insurance you have, the treatment is partly or completely covered. Please check with your health insurance. They will ask for AGB code and license:
Member of NFG 6312047254, complaint and disciplinary law, license RBCZ, AGB code 90-026521, AGB Praktijkcode 90(0) 05407
Costs are € 85 per one hour session, VAT 21% included.

Curious what hypnosis, NLP or Neuro Semantics can mean for you ? mail to info@collacoaching.nl or call me: 020 3454797

Client reactions

Coaching sessions with Monique are always so revelatory.
She manages to open new doors in my thoughts and help connecting lost paths.
Highly professional and naturally so positive, by giving the right mental tools
She manages to inspire and help me find inner strength, confidence and creative flow.